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    4 months ago

    We lost the use of our SAMAA Registered flying field in 2015 and have since then been searching for a new place to call "home to ARCF".

    ARCF Members have since the loss of our field flown at GRF & RRF and the newly registered BBC.

    In the mean time we've had a number of options - but all came to nothing.

    I will keep you posted.


    8 months ago

    Barnstormer's maiden flight was on 8 November 2015 - highly successful & no issues whatsoever.




    Since then the Barnstormer has spent 2 hrs 45 minutes airborne during 15 different flights ... the K&B 65 Sportster Engine behaved absolutely flawlessly and nowadays, when I want some relaxed - cruise by at walking pace - type of flights ... the David Boddington designed Barnstormer is my weapon of choice.




  • admin shared 29 photos in the Aeronca Sedan Maiden album
    9 months ago

    Maiden flight of the Aeronca Sedan 15AC-561 (N1491H) was done with family & friends of Peter Mantel present for the great moment. Pilot/finisher of...
    9 months ago

    The maiden flight for the Aeronca Sedan has now been planned for Sunday 24th June 2018 - depending on favorite weather conditions.

    We will post video clip/s & images of the long awaited maiden flight after it was done...
    Thanks to all for following our progress and the amount of interest shown in this project.


  • admin shared 13 photos in the Bücker Jungmeister Maiden album
    2 years ago

    My Bücker Jungmeister was built in 2003 by Charl Bloem, from the Dave Platt plan. Dave Platt designed the 1/4 scale Jungmeister in 1978 & the plane...
  • admin replied to the topic 'Aeronca Sedan 15AC Projek...' in the forum.
    2 years ago

    Right Friends,

    After 3 moves .... i.e. 3 relocations of our Workshop ... and countless other customer's who were assisted in a "teaching them to build" scenarios, the Aeronca is done & dusted. We have also since our last update - "lost" our RC Flying Field in Albertinia - so flying is now mainly done at GRF (George Radio Flyers).

    I believe it is a good site to do the Aeronca's Maiden Flight.

    After one more engine run - we will be ready for the maiden flight. You are most welcome to start thinking about a possible date (pending favorable weather conditions). A Sunday morning around 09h00 at GRF would be a good day of the week and time to think about. We can normally "predict" (with fair accuracy) about a week in advance whether the weather would be agreeable or not.

    Give me a shout and lets plan a great day.... (Bernard - 082 756 6640)


  • admin shared 8 photos in the Blombospad - 5 Junie 2016 album
    3 years ago

    Etienne het ons toestemming verleen om 'n draai te maak by die RC Strip wat hy besig is om op 'n stukkie grond buite Jongensfontein & Stilbaai......
  • admin shared 19 photos in the Riversdal - 5 June 2016 album
    3 years ago

    Sommer net 'n klompie aero modellers wat 'n lekker dag van vlieg geniet het. Pilots van Riversdal, Albertinia & Jongensfontein het saam...
  • SuperCub
    3 years ago

    Hi, here is a video of me flying my Hobbyzone Super Cub…
    and the landing...…

    admin Brilliant - Well done Sarel. Awesome hobby hierdie ...
    3 years ago
  • SuperCub is friends with admin
  • admin replied to the topic 'Correx Trainer (.46 size) - Maiden Flight' in the forum.
    3 years ago

    Cornell's Correx Trainer had its maiden flight on Saturday 9 April 2016.

    At long last the weather co-operated and we headed out towards the farm where they live. A beautiful back drop of sea & bushes runs along his self made runway...
    Pre-flight checks & a range test later ... we were ready for the 1st take-off...

    All went well - barring one small mishap on Cornell's 1st own landing attempt. Main landing gear unceremoniously removed ;)
    Cornell & his dad will fix and the lessons will continue.


  • admin replied to the topic 'Mini Ugly Stick KIT - Fuselage Build' in the forum.
    3 years ago

    Then the formers & tail feathers... :cheer:

    :woohoo: Success = Square + Straight

    • Scrap strips of balsa being used to strengthen as shown
    • The images tell the story ;)


  • admin replied to the topic 'Mini Ugly Stick KIT - Fuselage Build' in the forum.
    3 years ago

    Next up would be the Fuselage... ;)

    Easy as pie... :woohoo:

    1st up - the two sides & their respective "doublers"

    • Pin the 1st side panel down & glue doubler in place, and then the next
    • BUT ... Make sure to create a "left side" & "right side"
    • Weigh them down until the glue is set properly.


  • admin replied to the topic 'Mini Ugly Stick KIT - Wing Build' in the forum.
    3 years ago

    Included in building the main wing would be to prepare a spot for the aileron servo...

    I did not sheet the 4 ribs in the center piece of the wing - you may want to do this.

    Before gluing down the top of the trailing edge - remember to make sure the wing tips have been sanded as per the photos.


  • admin replied to the topic 'Mini Ugly Stick KIT - Wing Build' in the forum.
    3 years ago

    Building the Wing of the Mini Ugly Stick is real easy ...

    Pin your plan to a piece of soft board (pin board) and cover it with "Glad Wrap"...

    The images below are fairly self explanatory and should guide you as you tackle this first phase of your Build ;)


  • admin created a new topic ' Correx Trainer (.46 size)' in the forum.
    3 years ago

    Started helping a youngster with a dream to own and fly a RC Plane on Monday 30 November 2015.

    We are building a Correx .40-.46 size Trainer for him. Power will be from a Thunder Tiger 46. Transmitter is a 35mhz Futaba 4 ch.
    More photos of the build are being posted on our facebook page (ARCFlyers) as the build progresses.

    The Spadet Trainer (zip file) may be downloaded from our site by Registered Users FREE of Charge.


    I think the only proviso would be ;) - that you post photos of your Correx Trainer in our @Eaze Community Page (


  • ATM shared 3 photos in the F86 Sabre Slopie album
    3 years ago

  • admin created a new topic ' Future Planning...' in the forum.
    3 years ago

    EEZi Build KITS planned for the next 12-18 months:

    The first 3...

    • Mini Ugly Stick - 550mm wingspan (Production completed & being readied for Shipping/Sales)
    • SU-26 - 34in wingspan (adapted Nick Ziroli design)
    • Veron Cardinal (Vintage Cabin Model - F/F or 3ch R/C)

    More possibilities...
    • Junior 60 (Kraft)
    • Junior Falcon (Goldberg)
    • Junior Skylark (Goldberg)
    • Simplex (Gordon)
    • Valkyrie (Goldberg)
    • RM Trainer (Radio Modeller)
    • The Answer (Gordon Murray)
    • Mamselle 52 (Vic Smeed)
    • The Big Bird (2140mm wingspan & flies with a .10-.15 [2-str])
    • Sundancer (Svenson)
    • etc...

    Do you have any suggestions for aero models to be kitted?
    Drop me an email...


  • admin created a new topic ' Mini Ugly Stick KIT' in the forum.
    3 years ago

    The first of many EEZi Build KITS (by have just been completed.
    I am in the process of Tissue Covering the 550mm wingspan beauty and will post images & video of the Maiden Flight soon.
    These Laser Cut KITS will be for sale via our Online Shop (see the "link" above).

    Watch this space as we are planning to do about 20 KITS in the next 12-18 months.


  • admin created a new topic ' Transmitters from Yesteryear' in the forum.
    3 years ago

    Some RC Transmitters from a bygone era.

    Have you used something similar? Any photos? Please post them...

    We thank those who have kindly donated the Transmitters shown here - and the many others we already have. They will be displayed in our Aero Modelling Museum Area that is being developed.